Why You Need a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

What does your favorite neighborhood restaurant and a fortune 500 company have in common? They both have standard operating procedures, or SOP for short. Standard operating procedures are step-by-step instructions to perform a routine activity. Remember the opening/closing to-do list at your summer job in High School? It’s just like that. A proper SOP facilitates

Your Small Business Can (and Should) Run Without You

We all create our businesses for different reasons. Whether it?s a passion project, for the greater good, or profit – each and every one of our businesses should aim to run without its founder. You?ve built a business in hopes of regaining some of your freedom. More time to brunch with friends, go exploring, snuggle

5 Business Growth Tips For The New Year

The new year is symbolic for new beginnings, fad diets, and expensive gym memberships. Instead of focusing on the few extra pounds you put on over the holidays, take the new year as a time to implement stronger operations processes, prioritize new goals, and assess the past year. By getting clear on your intentions for

Make Entrepreneurial Burnout a Thing of The Past

Business burnout, much like the flu or afternoon traffic, affects everyone – but for entrepreneurs and business owners the effects can be especially frustrating. The side effects like lack of productivity and motivation only perpetuate entrepreneurial stress and further burnout. By focusing on proper time management, prioritization, and your own self-care you can curb the