We are your

We solve your operations problems.

No hand-holding required.

Our mission at Ops Optimized is to use our killer operations expertise to form the operational procedures and mechanisms that work best for you and your unique business.

We are passionate about helping purposeful businesses and startups like yours find their operational footing. Because let’s face it: you’re the ones that make our world a better place to live in. And that matters to us.

Ops Optimized has intricate knowledge of the multifaceted operational and business management challenges that entrepreneurs like you face on a daily basis. We combine relevant, actionable insight with effective task management to streamline and grow your business into the one you’ve always dreamed it would be.

Simply put, we are your go-to guru for putting out fires, crushing chaos, and keeping all your business’s internal processes running at peak performance. We can’t wait to meet you.

Our values drive us

We empower ourselves, our clients and all the females out there looking to make an impact in business.

We believe in delivering results that are nothing short of excellent.

We believe in the power of real, honest, transparency because it’s the right thing to do.


We believe the world will be a much better place if we build better communities, starting with our own.


We do this work with passion and grit, surrounding ourselves with individuals who’s drive matches ours.

Founder and CEO

I founded Ops Optimized to live my dream of helping other passionate, driven entrepreneurs live theirs.
  • My superpower is: organizing chaos, putting it in a neat box and tying it with a pretty bow
  • In my free time I’m:playing competitive beach volleyball, hitting the gym, making home cooked meals and preying on my victims in a game of Catan
  • Sarcastic New York humor is guaranteed to make me laugh (and remind me of home)

Over the years I’ve navigated many different job titles, and accumulated some arbitrary yet helpful skills along the way, such as:



wearer of many hats

Staying calm under pressure

(putting out hundreds of fires will chill you out eventually)

Gold star badge-wearer of creating order out of chaos

Herder of stubborn felines
Deadline over-achiever

Checklist-making (and -demolishing) queen

I’ve been in your shoes, and I understand the stress and many struggles of

owning and operating a business. I know you don’t have money to burn, so I

won’t waste it – or your time. Drop us a line, and together, we’ll get your

business running smoothly.

Operations Associate

I am a passionate student chasing opportunities across the country to study the applications of business and the intricacies of technology.
  • My superpower is: cracking puzzles and unearthing patterns to find creative solutions!
  • In my free time: I always chase adventure: pole vaulting, abseiling down ravines, and climbing up waterfalls.
  • What I’m most excited about: I am thrilled to be working at Ops Optimized where I can dive into the fast paced world of start-ups and small businesses and give them the support they need to thrive!

Operations Assistant

I am a Southern California native currently making the most of my final year at San Diego State University. 
  • My superpower is: the ability to find the silver lining in everything; life is too short to focus on the bad!
  • In my free time you’ll find me: powerlifting, taking aesthetically pleasing photos of my cat Stanley, or soaking in a good sunset.
  • What I’m most excited about: When it comes to working for Ops Optimized, I’m most excited about helping businesses reach their fullest potential.

Assistant Bookkeeper

I am a new college graduate who started her new journey in the professional world to gain knowledge and experience.
  • My superpower is: that I can speak 3 languages and I am very empathetic.
  • In my free time you’ll find me: watching movies, trying out new recipes, playing board games with my friends and enjoy a nice walk by the beach.
  • Shows like Knallerfrauen or Friends are guaranteed to make me laugh
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