We are your

We solve your operations problems.

No hand-holding required.

Our mission at Ops Optimized is to use our killer operations expertise to form the operational procedures and mechanisms that work best for you and your unique business.

We are passionate about helping purposeful businesses and startups like yours find their operational footing. Because let’s face it: you’re the ones that make our world a better place to live in. And that matters to us.

Ops Optimized has intricate knowledge of the multifaceted operational and business management challenges that entrepreneurs like you face on a daily basis. We combine relevant, actionable insight with effective task management to streamline and grow your business into the one you’ve always dreamed it would be.

Simply put, we are your go-to guru for putting out fires, crushing chaos, and keeping all your business’s internal processes running at peak performance. We can’t wait to meet you.

Our values drive us

We empower ourselves, our clients and all the females out there looking to make an impact in business.

We believe in delivering results that are nothing short of excellent.

We believe in the power of real, honest, transparency because it’s the right thing to do.


We believe the world will be a much better place if we build better communities, starting with our own.


We do this work with passion and grit, surrounding ourselves with individuals who’s drive matches ours.

Founder and CEO

I founded Ops Optimized to live my dream of helping other passionate, driven entrepreneurs live theirs.

My superior operations expertise comes from over a decade of work as Chief of Operations for startups and small businesses, and Director of Operations of a corporate franchise.

Throughout my career, I’ve seen how often business owners are drained by trying to manage operational chaos, instead of focusing on growing and marketing their business they love. I made it my professional mission to change that.

Over the years I’ve navigated many different job titles, and accumulated some arbitrary yet helpful skills along the way, such as:



wearer of many hats

Staying calm under pressure

(putting out hundreds of fires will chill you out eventually)

Gold star badge-wearer of creating order out of chaos

Herder of stubborn felines
Deadline over-achiever

Checklist-making (and -demolishing) queen

I’ve been in your shoes, and I understand the stress and many struggles of

owning and operating a business. I know you don’t have money to burn, so I

won’t waste it – or your time. Drop us a line, and together, we’ll get your

business running smoothly.

Growth & Relationship Optimizer

An inquisitive mind who has followed a few different careers so far. I started out with a MS in Chemistry and worked in plastics and packaging at Unilever for 4years. The global exposure and scale of the job led me to deeply question what I really wanted to do, ultimately traveling to several locales around the globe ultimately landing in San Diego. My exposure to marketing led me to seek out a similar opportunity with a San Diegan operation. That’s when I found Ops Optimized. Excited to grow with Ops Optimized as we go on a quest in helping small businesses transform their pretzel knots into pretzel rods by standardizing and polishing day-to-day processes.

Admin Assistant/Ops Support

Before joining Ops Optimized, I was an Administrative Assistant for a pharmaceutical company and an Operations Associate/Events Concierge for a biotech company working with start-ups. My background has helped me understand the operational and administrative aspects of a company; managing calendars for executives, coordinating meetings, booking travel, and planning events both small and large, I’ve enjoyed being the go-to person relied upon to get it done.  Executing the sometimes tedious and always time consuming day-to-day tasks that happens to be my passion!

I am exceptionally excited to work for Ops Optimized because it allows me to participate in an entrepreneurial endeavor while helping small businesses grow and achieve their vision. I am currently going to school for my Bachelor’s degree in Communications with an emphasis on Psychology & Business. 

Admin Assistant

I have always jumped at the opportunity to learn more. While still in high school, I have taken advanced classes at San Diego Mesa College, Harvard University and Stanford University. During this time I dove into classes ranging from financial accounting, marketing, critical decision making, systems analysis and design, and economics. These classes emphasized teamwork and leadership and exposed me to different cultures and adventures (from rappelling in New Zealand to building houses in Mexico). Working at Ops Optimized is an opportunity to put to use my talents for organization, critical analysis, operational execution, and persistent pursuit of project objectives.

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